1. “Do I have to own a certain type of vehicle to join?”

    A. No! we are an open car club we allow any type of vehicle from Antiques to the newest car off the assembly line. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Muscle Cars, Rat Rods, Specialty vehicles etc. You do not need to own anything to join! And you are welcome to bring any vehicle in any condition to our Cruise in’s or events!

  2. “What if I am a member of another car club? Does that mean that I am not allowed to be a member of your club?”

    A. ABSOLUTELY NOT! We ALWAYS welcome anyone who has a desire to be a part of our club. We invite ANY CAR CLUB, from ANYWHERE to cruise on in to any of our events as well.

  3. “Do I have to be a member to bring my ride to your events?”

    A. No! And you are welcome to bring any type of vehicle to our events!

  4. “How about if my car is not yet in show condition, can I still bring it to an event?”

    A. You are welcome to bring any vehicle in any condition to our events!

  5. “Are there any age requirements to join?”

    A. No!  Membership is open to anyone but if you are under 16 one of your parents must be members.

  6. “When are the meetings?”

    A. We meet now on called meetings usually on a Friday around 6pm at Screven City Hall.

  7. “How much does it cost to join?”

    A. Our Dues are $50 per year.

  8. “What do you do with the $50 that it cost to join?”

    A. It goes to help cover the cover the expenses of the website, trophies and other expenses of the club, also you get a club T shirt for you and your spouse only.

  9. “Well, you’ve talked me into it! Now how do I join?”

    A. There are several ways to go about joining:

  10. You may bring a completed Member Application and dues check to any meeting or event

  11. You may mail the completed form and check to:

    Wayne County Cruisers


    PO Box 513

    Screven GA 31560

  12. You can join online through our website.

  13. You can just show up to any meeting or event and then complete your membership form and pay the dues!





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