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Wayne County Cruisers
   Bylaws & Rules

Article I – Name of Club

At this time the name of this organization shall be:   Wayne County Cruisers

Article II – Objectives

1. It shall be the objective of this club to plan, conduct, and assist with a charity based and not for profit Car Shows to be named Dogwood Festival Car Show Located at Jaycee Fairgrounds, 301 N Jesup, The Jesup Arch Fest Car Show, located on W Walnut Street in, Jesup The June Benefit Car Show on the 2nd Saturday ( recipient to be named each year) at the Wayne Memorial Hospital Campus front Parking lot, located at 865 S First Street, Jesup, and the “Crusin’ Into Christmas” Car Show on the second Saturday in December at the Wayne Memorial Hospital Campus front Parking lot, located at 865 S First Street, Jesup, and will all be held annually each year.
2. It shall be the objective of this club to participate as a group in other car show activities as set by our mission statement.
3. It shall be the objective of this club to set good examples of conduct and safety with all cars, trucks and Motorcycles etc. and to encourage all others to do the same as a hobby.

Article III – Meetings

1. The regular meetings of the club will be held according to the needs of the club.
2. Called meetings will be according to the needs of the club.
3. At this time Cruise-Ins will being held on the 2nd Saturday evening of each month from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Taco Bell Restaurant in Jesup.

Article IV – Membership

1. Membership shall be open to anyone displaying a positive interest in Vintage, Hot Rods, custom vehicles ,Import, Exotic or Motorcycle with the intention of building or purchasing a vehicle.
2. Members will not attend a club function or any function representing oneself as a member of the Wayne County Cruisers under the influence of mind altering drugs or alcohol. Only one warning will be issued and on the second offense the member and family members will be removed from the club roster. Being a family oriented club, absolutely no profanity will be allowed at any club functions resulting in the same penalty as above mentioned.
3. Applicant must attend at least three regular functions before applying for membership.
4. Applicant must agree to and abide by all membership duties and rules.
5. Member’s vehicle will be subject to approval of the Wayne County Cruisers members and the vehicle must in Vintage, Hot Rods, and Custom vehicles, Import, Exotic Vehicles or Motorcycle.

  1. If voted in as member, Wayne County Cruisers members must be willing to purchase and wear club shirts, jackets, or any other club related merchandise.

    7. Applicant must be voted into the Wayne County Cruisers by a 2/3 majority of those present at the meeting by secret ballot..

  2. We are a open club so whatever you drive you are welcome to join our club.

    Article V – Dues

    1. The club membership dues shall include husband and wife shall be $50.00 per year, if paid in the month of January. Both husband and wife will have a vote in all matters.
    2. Members are encouraged to keep dues up-to-date. Any member whose membership dues are three months past due should be reminded by the treasurer. Any member whose dues are six months past due will be removed from the club roster.

  3. The Clubs physical year will run from January1 through December 31.

Article VI – Election of Officers

1. Election of officers will be held at the first regular meeting in January.
2. Officers to be elected are as follows*:

3. Election of officers will be held as follows:
a. Ballots will be distributed, completed by member voting for one office at a time.
b. Those with the most votes will hold that position.
c. Members are encouraged to vote for themselves if they wish to serve in that position.
d. Any member elected to an office may decline.
e. A run-off will be held for any office in which there is a tie.
f. Elections will be held once a year.
g. Vacancies will be filled by special election at a regular meeting.

Article VII – Officers Duties

1. It shall be the duty of the PRESIDENT to organize and preside at all club meeting and outings.
2. It shall be the duties of the VICE-PRESIDENT to preside at meetings in the event of the President’s absence. As Car Show Chairman, he or she will organize the Car Show and appoint chairperson and committees for duties required at these events.
3. It shall be the duty of the SECRETARY to keep accurate minutes at club meeting and to send club correspondence as required.
4. It shall be the duty of the TREASURER to keep an up-to-date account balance of all financial matters, report deposits and expenditures at all meetings, and disperse funds as required by the club.
5. It shall be the duty of each MEMBER to attend at least eight functions each year. A MEMBER must put forth effort in all club activities. A MEMBER must wear club colors at club events/outings and represent the club in a manner that abides with the rules and regulations of the club.

Article VIII – Club Expenditures

1. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer are authorized to sign the bank signature card and to sign checks.
2. All checks must be reported immediately to the Treasurer along with the receipts for the goods or items purchased.
3. All expenditures over $250.00** should be approved by a majority vote of members present at a club meeting.
4. Emergency expenditures are authorized for purchases if $30.00 or less. The treasurer or member should spend these funds and report to the next club meeting.
5. The flower fund is authorized at $25.00 for family and immediate family members.

Article IX – Amendments

1. . These By-Laws may be amended in a regular or called meeting by a 2/3 majority of the members present. Any amendment must be proposed at one meeting and voted on at the next meeting.




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